surfaceVariables (1d, 2d, 3d)ΒΆ

Obtains the variables such as temperature, heat flux, evaporation flux etc at the solid fluid interface. The interface can be specified using domain boundary entities of interest. The standard updater block is given below:

<Updater SurfaceVariable>
 kind = surfaceVariables2d
 onGrid = domain
 variablesType = ablation
 storeSurfaceProperty = 1

 in = [surfTemp]
 out = [abSurfProp]

 entity = left

The parameters required by this updater block are listed below:

storeSurfaceProperty (boolean)

Store the surfaceVariables in the first row of cells along the boundary entity

entity (string)

Name of the boundary on which surfaceVariables have to be evaluated.

variablesType (string)

The type of surface variable to compute. Currently implemented surfaceVariables are