minDistanceToWall (1d, 2d, 3d)

Calculates the shortest distance from the grid boundary to each cell in the domain.


entity (string)
The name of the grid boundary
computeUt (boolean)
Specify whether to compute the shear velocity. If true, out vector must be of size 2.


in (string vector of 3, required)
  • input 1 is fluid vector
  • input 2 is gradient of the velocity-magnitude
  • input 3 is laminar viscosity
out (string vector, required)
out is a single vector consisting of the shortest distance in component-1. If computeUt=true, shear velocity will be stored in component-2.


<Updater computeDistancesToPlate>
  kind = minDistanceToWall2d
  onGrid = domain
  entity = plate
  computeUt = true
  in = [q, gradU, visc]
  out = [distance]