Computes axisymmetric source term for the conservative form of the perfectly hyperbolic Maxwell’s equations. The source term can be used as a source in a hyperbolic algorithm to solve axisymmetric problems.

\[\notag \begin{align} s=\frac{1}{r}\left( \begin{array}{c} 0\\ 0\\ c^{2}B_{y}\\ 0\\ 0\\ -E_{y}\\ -\chi E_{x}\\ -\gamma c^{2} B_{x} \end{array} \right) \end{align}\]

Where \(c\) is the speed of light, \(\chi\) is electric correction potential speed factor, \(\gamma\) is the magnetic field correction potential speed factor, \(E_{x}\) is x electric field, \(E_{y}\) is the y electric field, \(B_{x}\) is x magnetic field, \(B_{y}\) is the y magnetic field and \(r\) is the radial position.


speedOfLight (float)
speed of light
gamma (float)
Magnetic field divergence error correction speed factor, speed=gamma*c0
chi (float)
Electric field poisson error correction speed factor, speed=chi*c0


<Source emAxisymmetricSource>
  kind = maxwellSym
  speedOfLight = SPEEDOFLIGHT
  gamma = BP
  chi = EP