Computes symmetry source term for the conservative for of the combined two-fluid equations. The source just converts the combined two-fluid into two separate euler fluids and computes the source for each fluid separately. The result is then transformed back into the combined fluid.

Parameters common to all systems

model (string)
The model whose source term will be computed
symmetryType (string)
The symmetry type that will be used. This can be either cylindrical or spherical

Parameters (twoFluidEqn)

ionGamma (float)
Specific heat ratio of the ions
electronGamma (float)
Specific heat ratio of the electrons
mi (float)
ion mass
me (float)
electron mass
qi (float)
ion charge
qe (float)
electron charge
basementDensity (float)
basement density of the ions. Basement density of the electrons is (me/me)*basementDensity.
basementPressure (float)
basement pressure of the electrons and ions separately.

Parent Updater Data (twoFluidEqn)

in (string vector, required)

10 primary variables

  1. \(\rho\) mass density
  2. \(\rho\,u_{x}\) x momentum density
  3. \(\rho\,u_{y}\) y momentum density
  4. \(\rho\,u_{z}\) z momentum density
  5. \(\rho_{c}\) total charge density
  6. \(j_{x}\) x current density
  7. \(j_{y}\) y current density
  8. \(j_{z}\) z current density
  9. \(e_{i}\) ion energy density
  10. \(e_{e}\) electron energy density


<Source axiSymSource>
  kind = twoFluidSymSrc
  symmetryType = cylindrical
  model = twoFluidEqn
  ionGamma = 1.666
  electronGamma = 1.6666
  mi = ION_MASS
  basementDensity = 0.0
  basementPressure = 0.0