mhdBc (1d, 2d, 3d)

Sets the boundary condition for MHD type equations


model (string)
Defines the hyperbolic equation to use, this should generally be idealMhdEqn, mhdDednerEqn, twoTemperatureMhdDednerEqn, twoTemperatureMhdEqn, gasDynamicMhdEqn, idealMhdEosEqn or twoTemperatureMhdEosEqn
bcType (string)

There are currently 3 valid boundary condition types.

  • conductingWall which is a slip wall boundary condition.
  • noInflow which is a boundary condition that lets fluid flow out of the domain, but does not let it flow in.
  • noSlip which is a boundary condition where all components of velocity are set to zero at the wall.


<Updater bcOpen>
  kind = mhdBc2d
  bcType = noInflow
  model = twoTemperatureMhdEosEqn
  onGrid = domain
  out = [q]
  entity = sideSetHalosId1