equation (1d, 2d, 3d)

The equation updater is used to update a Algebraic Equations and evaluates a set of input nodalArrays and stores the ouput in one or more user-specified nodalArrays. The number of inputs and outputs are defined by the kind of Algebraic Equations being used for the Equation.

The equation updater accepts the following parameters, in addition to those required by Updater:


in (string vector, required)
Inputs 1 to N are nodalArrays which will be supplied to the source through the Equation block.
out (string vector, required)
Outputs 1 to N are nodalArrays which will contain the output of the Source.


There are no additional parameters for this kind of Updater.


Defines the kind of source being solved. Equation in this case is actually a kind of Algebraic Equations. If multiple <Equation> blocks are defined then the results are added together to produce the output.


The following code block demonstrates the usage of the equation updater combined with the bremsPowerSrc source

<Updater radiationSourceUpdater>
   kind = equation1d
   onGrid = domain
   in =  [elecNumDensity, temperature, zeffective]
   out = [radiationPower]

  <Equation Bremsstrahlung>
    kind = bremsPowerSrc