Computes the the radiated power for a plasma given ion mass density, temperature and the emission coefficient.

\[\begin{equation} C_{g} = 6.49394\,8\,\pi\,k_{b}^{4}/\left(c^{2}\,h^{3}\right) \end{equation}\]

and the radiated power given by

\[\begin{equation} P_{g} = C_{g}\,\sigma_{P}T_{e}^{4}n_{i}m_{i} \end{equation}\]


ionMass (float)
The mass of the ion species
numberOfGroup (int)
The number of groups that should be considered. For now numberOfGroups=1.

Parent Updater Data

in (string vector, required)

1st Variable

The ion number density for the species \(1/m^{3}\)

2nd Variable

The temperature is in Kelvin

3rd Variable

The planck emission coefficient \(m^{2}/Kg\)
out (string vector, required)
The output is the radiated power density in \(W/m^{3}\)


<Updater emission>
  kind = equation1d
  onGrid = grid
  in =  [density, temperature, intEmisPlanck]
  out = [radiationPower]

  <Equation thisGas>
    kind = radiationEmission
    numberOfGroups = 1
    ionMass = MI