Gas dynamics with a general equation of state. The equations are solved in conservative form.

\[\notag \begin{align} \frac{\partial}{\partial t}\left( \begin{array}{c} \rho \\ \rho\,u_{x} \\ \rho\,u_{y} \\ \rho\,u_{z} \\ e \\ \end{array} \right) + \nabla\cdot\left( \begin{array}{ccc} \rho\,u_{x} & \rho\,u_{y} & \rho\,u_{z} \\ \rho\,u_{x}^{2}+P & \rho\,u_{x}\,u_{y} & \rho\,u_{x}\,u_{z} \\ \rho\,u_{y}\,u_{x} & \rho\,u_{y}\,u_{y} + P & \rho\,u_{y}\,u_{z} \\ \rho\,u_{z}\,u_{x} & \rho\,u_{z}\,u_{y} & \rho\,u_{z}\,u_{z} + P \\ u_{x}\left(e+P\right) & u_{y}\left(e+P\right) & u_{z}\left(e+P\right)\\ \end{array} \right) = 0 \end{align}\]


basementPressure (float)
The minimum pressure allowed. Default is 0.
basementDensity (float)

The minimum density allowed. Default is 0.


basementPressure and basementDensity are only used if correct=true

correct (boolean)
Tells whether or not densities or pressures should be corrected when the fall below basement pressures or basement densities. When set to true pressure=max(basementPressure, pressure) and density = max(basementDensity, density)

Parent Updater Data

in (string vector, required)
Vector of conserved quantities (5 components)
  1. \(\rho\) mass density
  2. \(\rho\,u_{x}\) x momentum density
  3. \(\rho\,u_{y}\) y momentum density
  4. \(\rho\,u_{z}\) z momentum density
  5. \(e\) energy density
fluid pressure (1 component)
  1. \(P\) total fluid pressure (not magnetic pressure included)
gas dynamic sound speed (1 component)
  1. \(a\) estimate of the fluid sound speed


An example realGasEos equation block is given below:

<Equation realGasEos>
  kind = realGasEosEqn