Computes the Bremsstrahlung the power density loss term.

\[\notag \begin{align} s=\left(\frac{n_{e}}{7.69e18}\right)^{2}T_{eV}^{1/2}Z_{eff} \end{align}\]

Where \(n_{e}\) is the electron number density in \(1/m^{3}\), \(T_{eV}\) is electron temperature in electron volts (note that the temperature is input in Kelvin), \(Z_{eff}\) is the effective ion charge state.

Parent Updater Data

in (string vector, required)

1st Variable

  1. \(n\) number density

2nd Variable (1 component)

  1. \(T_{eV}\) electron temperature in Kelvin

3rd Variable (1 component)

  1. \(Z\) Z effective


<Source radiationSource>
  kind = bremsPowerSrc