entityGenerator (1d, 2d, 3d)

Generates entities which can be used in defining regions for boundary conditions.


onEntity (string)
The entity generator will be a subset of the entity reference by onEntity. For boundary conditions this onEntity = ghost or a subset of ghost
newEntityName (string)
The name of the newEntity that can then be used in updaters that are applied to entities.


Function (block)
Function which defines the entity. Wherever the function is positive and belongs the entity onEntity is defined the entity newEntityName will be defined.


<Updater generateOpen>
  kind = entityGenerator2d
  onGrid = domain
  newEntityName = openBoundary
  onEntity = ghost
  <Function mask>
    kind = exprFunc
    exprs = ["if( (x>0.001) and (y>0.34),1.0,-1.0)"]