The most comprehensive solution for plasma simulation

VSimPD is a versatile and powerful Particle-In-Cell (PIC) software application specifically optimized for plasma simulation. VSimPD explicitly tracks kinetic particle species in arbitrary-pressure background gasses, including the effects of elastic, excitation, and ionization collisions between electrons, ions, and neutral particles.

Using Tech-X’s proprietary cut-cell algorithms, combined with VSim’s unique approach of using both FDTD and PIC methods, VSimPD quickly and accurately models complex particle dynamics in multiple dimensionalities. Powerful post-processing capabilities allow for robust analysis, and since VSim was designed to run in parallel, it easily installs on high performance computing systems. Originally created by Tech-X scientists, who continue to be leading contributors to the fields of plasma and computational physics, VSimPD is the most comprehensive solution for plasma simulation.

Learn how LG used VSim to optimize their magnetron sputtering process.

" VSim was an essential tool in our modeling of magnetron sputtering. Thanks to the vast array of capabilities available through VSim, we were able to accurately predict the erosion profiles from our current designs, and VSim continues to allow us to optimize our designs for the future. The support staff at Tech-X was also extremely helpful during our initial set-up and modeling process. "
Geejo Lee
Process CI Team Manager, LG Display Co., LTD.

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VSimPD Advantages


VSimPD Capabilities

  • Impact Ionization
  • Field Ionization
  • Electron Ionization
  • Electron Scatter
  • Charge Exchange
  • Sputtering
  • Binary (In)Elastic
  • Binary Reaction
  • Three Body Recombination
  • Excitation
  • Decay
  • Absorbing
  • Reflecting
  • Periodic
  • Accumulating for Surface Charge
  • Partially Transparent
  • Charged & Neutral Particles
  • Variable Weight, Constant Weight & Managed WeightRelativistic
  • Prescribed Emission
  • Surface Charge
  • Secondary Emissions
  • Conducting & Dieletric Boundaries
  • Charge & Current Deposition
  • Euler Fluid
  • Static Background Gas
  • Dey-Mittra Cut Cells
  • Spatially Varying Grid
  • Multiple Dimensionalities

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Applications for VSimPD

Plasma Etching

Plasma Cleaning

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

Plasma Thrusters

Magnetron Sputtering

DC & RF Sputtering

Ion Sources

Satellite Surface Charging

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