Magnetron Sputtering

Magnetron sputtering is a manufacturing process for depositing thin films onto substrates with various commercial and scientific applications. Researchers and design engineers looking to improve deposition rates and coverage can use software to simulate the magnetron sputtering process and determine optimal process conditions. VSim uses FDTD and PIC algorithms to model magnetron sputtering, providing users with detailed information on erosion and deposition profiles to improve process performance.

As a PIC code, VSim is capable of self-consistent charged particle simulations with electrostatic, ionization, and particle interactions, which are critical for a successful simulation of magnetron sputtering. In addition, VSim’s well-scaled parallel computation capability provides realistic sputtering results while carrying simulations out to ion crossing time scales.

Featured Module: VSimPD

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Cylindrical sputtering magnetron Illustration of plasma discharge simulation
Four frames of a VSim magnetron sputtering simulation projected onto the simulation geometry

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