VSimPD For Plasma Discharge Simulations

Plasma discharge simulation, plasma etching demo on laptop.

VSimPD is a versatile and powerful Particle-In-Cell (PIC) software application specifically optimized for plasma discharge simulation. VSimPD explicitly tracks kinetic particle species in arbitrary-pressure background gasses, including the effects of elastic, excitation, and ionization collisions between electrons, ions, and neutral particles.

Using Tech-X’s proprietary cut-cell algorithms, combined with VSim’s unique approach of using both FDTD and PIC methods, VSimPD quickly and accurately models complex particle dynamics in multiple dimensionalities. Powerful post-processing capabilities allow for robust analysis, and since VSim was designed to run in parallel, it easily installs on high-performance computing systems. Originally created by Tech-X scientists, who continue to be leading contributors to the fields of plasma and computational physics, VSimPD is the most comprehensive solution for plasma discharge simulation. 

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Cylindrical sputtering magnetron Illustration of plasma discharge simulation

Learn how LG used VSimPD to optimize their magnetron sputtering process.

"VSim是我们在模拟磁控溅射中的一个重要工具。 由于 VSim 具有庞大的功能,我们能够准确地预测我们当前设计的侵蚀曲线轮廓,而且 VSim 还能让我们继续优化我们未来的设计。 在我们最初的设置和建模过程中,Tech-X的支持人员也给予了极大的帮助。"
Geejo Lee

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VSimPD: Plasma Discharge Simulation Advantages

Artist rendering of sputtering magnetron and magnetic field
VSimPD Plasma discharge modeling of corona discharge evolved potential with the geometries and particles superimposed.
VSimPD corona discharge evolved potential with the geometries and particles superimposed.


  • 碰撞电离
  • 场电离
  • 电子电离
  • 电子散射
  • 电荷交换
  • 溅射
  • 二元(非)弹性
  • 二元反应
  • 三体重组
  • 激发
  • 衰减
  • 吸收
  • 反射
  • 周期性
  • 表面电荷的积累
  • 部分透明的
  • 带电粒子和中性粒子
  • Variable Weight, Constant Weight & Managed Weight
  • Relativistic
  • 指定的发射
  • 表面电荷
  • 次级发射
  • 导电和介电边界
  • 电荷和电流沉积
  • 欧拉流体
  • 静态背景气体
  • Dey-Mittra切割网格
  • 随空间渐变的网格
  • 多维度

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