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Tech-X Corporation specializes in advanced physics simulation software for engineering industries, scientific research laboratories, and educational institutions.

Our software is built to handle problems at scale. Simulations run quickly using algorithms designed for high-performance computing systems.

Our software products are trusted by researchers in 30 countries and used by engineers in diverse industries such as aerospace, semiconductor manufacturing, and national defense.

Our solutions are the ideal simulation tool for Multiphysics, High-Density Plasma, and Radiation Modeling.

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Our Simulation Software Products


for Multiphysics

Used by engineers across industries and research scientists around the world, VSim is a simulation tool that provides accurate simulations for complex problems.

Available in these configurations:

for High-Density Plasma

As a unique CFD code optimized for plasma simulation, USim accurately simulates neutral and charged fluid dynamics, and is one of the only simulation tools able to capture the multi-species dynamics of hypersonic flight.

Available in these configurations:

for Radiation Modeling

RSim is a Monte Carlo simulation tool used for radiation modeling. Featuring an intuitive user-interface, CAD integration, and even shape healing, RSim is ideal for users working with complex geometries.

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