VSim Is Your Multiphysics Simulation Software For Complex Problems

VSim is the Multiphysics Simulation Software used by design engineers and research scientists who require precise solutions for challenging problems. VSim’s unique combination of Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD), Particle-in-Cell (PIC), and Charged Fluid (Finite Volume) methods deliver accurate results for a variety of situations, including plasma modeling. 

As a parallel software application, VSim can efficiently handle problems at scale, and simulations run quickly using algorithms designed for high-performance computing systems. Trusted by researchers in 30 countries, and used by engineers in industries from aerospace to semiconductor manufacturing, VSim is the ideal multiphysics simulation tool.

VSim Advantages for Multiphysics Simulations

VSimPD Plasma physics simulation, wafer impact
Screen capture of plasma wafer impact with VSimPD.

Powerful and Versatile

Uniquely VSim uses both finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) and particle-in-cell (PIC) methods to run computationally intensive electromagneticelectrostatic, and plasma simulations. As a time-domain solver, VSim can perform a full-wave analysis, obtaining the response over a range of frequencies in one run, and also provide transient analysis. With the additional PIC algorithms included in VSim, these same simulations can be run in the presence of plasmas and dielectrics, making VSim the complete simulation tool for design engineers in numerous industries.

Accurate and Trusted

With documented accuracy, VSim provides results that users can trust. Created by a team of computational scientists, Tech-X’s code has been cited thousands of times in the scientific literature, and VSim can be found at many of the world’s top research institutions.


Electromagnetic: VSimEM

Vacuum Electronics: VSimVE

Plasma Acceleration: VSimPA

Plasma Discharge: VSimPD

VSimEM EM Physics Simulation of 2.4 GHz Yagi Uda Antennas electric field near-field pattern.
Screen capture of Yagi Uda Antenna, The Electric Field Near-Field Pattern With VSimEM.
VSim multiphysics Simulations on hand
Artist illustration of antenna on hand with VSimEM physics simulation software.

Rapid and Scalable

FDTD solvers, such as VSim, are considered the preferred choice for complex problems with many unknowns. With Tech-X’s proprietary cut-cell algorithms, VSim obtains high accuracy without increasing run times. Furthermore, VSim’s scalable parallel computing capability can solve significant problems efficiently on clusters and the largest supercomputers.

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VSim Can Be Found On Supercomputers Around The World.


University of Sydney


Argonne National Laboratory



Shaheen II

Saudi Arabia

VSim Users Experience World-Class Support.

Our application engineers are highly trained with the expertise and education to help you set up your simulation and extract results.

“A substantial amount of the value of the software was the support we received and the help setting up the ion source models. This has made VSim really useful for our research.”

Bruce Marsh

VSim By The Numbers

Citations of the 2004 Nature publication featuring the VSim engine VORPAL

Government scientific institutions who have purchased VSim for research use

Nearly 100 documented examples and tutorials are available for VSim user training

Countries where VSim can be found today

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