Applications For Tech-X software

Plasma Wafer Etching

Our software allows you to kinetically model all plasma species in order to correctly calculate the electric field at each time step. This is essential in order to compute the sheath electric field correctly, which directly affects the ions impact energy and angle.

Magnetron Cavity Design

A common problem in magnetron design is the fact that many of the normal modes have similar frequencies and operating thresholds as determined by the Hartree cutoff. A second problem with relativistic magnetrons like the A6 is that they typically have low efficiency, on the order of 30%.
Microwave device Magnetron Cavity design
Phased Array Antenna simulation

Phased Array Antennas

Engineers working to improve phased array antenna systems need simulation software that provides timely and accurate results. Our software can simulate multiple frequencies simultaneously and implement a unique algorithm specialized for efficient far-field calculations.


Our software allows accurate predictions of multipacting effects, which are crucial for optimizing RF cavity designs.



Our software delivers accuracy through time-based, full-wave 3D simulations, and simulation time can be reduced with our use of highly parallel algorithms designed for high-performance computing systems.

Radar Cross Section

Radar Cross Section measurements are essential for aerospace engineering in the development of radar stealth technology. Our software has a unique implementation of a “Kirchhoff Box” that drastically diminishes the simulation size and time.

Radar-Cross-Section of F-117 Nighthawk
Electromagnetic Simulation Software Example of Patch Antenna

Antennas in Complex Environments

Antennas operating in complex environments, such as within plasmas or near dielectric materials presents unique design challenges. High-power RF antennas can heat plasmas to millions of degrees, and dielectric materials can affect the near- and far-field patterns.

Magnetron Sputtering

Magnetron sputtering is a manufacturing process for depositing thin films onto substrates that has a variety of commercial and scientific applications. Researchers and design engineers looking to improve deposition rates and coverage can use software to simulate the magnetron sputtering process and determine optimal process conditions.

Satellite Surface Charging

Satellites and other spacecraft are often outfitted with high-voltage solar panels in order to minimize the overall payload requirements over more massive, low voltage arrays. However, these high voltage solar panels often suffer arcing and breakdown problems when operating in the space environment as charged particles build up on the spacecraft surfaces.

TWT Power Output

Helix traveling wave tubes are used in numerous electronics for radio frequency signal amplification and oscillation. A common problem facing RF engineers is determining the maximum power output while maintaining device stability. With VSim, design engineers can use simulation data to determine the optimal configuration for device efficiency.

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