VSim 11.0 is Here

Built on the powerful Vorpal physics engine that has been used by researchers and engineers for 20 years, VSim 11.0 is faster, more accurate, and includes an enhanced interface that emphasizes the user experience.   With multiple new examples, built-in analyzers, and now available with a floating license, VSim 11.0 is the ideal simulation tool for complex simulation problems.

“With every release, we strive to simplify workflow, respond to emerging technology needs, and provide tutorials and examples for the complex problems being studied. VSim 11.0 addresses all three of these goals and more.”

John Cary, CEO of Tech-X Corporation

Enhanced and Intuitive Interface

VSim 11.0 features a modern and user-friendly interface with complete CAD importability. The new interface allows for the enhanced manipulation of imported CAD shapes and user created geometries, including:

      • Splitting

      • Copying

      • Shape Healing

      • Boolean Operations

The new versatile interface in VSim 11.0

Vorpal computational Engine

VSim 11.0 has a new solver for electrostatics and an improved algorithm for microwave device simulations.

The new Cut-Cell Poisson Solver is faster and nearly 2nd order accurate!  With the new Poisson solver, users can assign unique dielectric constants to different components of imported or user-generated CAD geometries. 

The new algorithm for Space Charge Limited Emission works for conformal shapes.  The robust and benchmarked algorithm handles complicated cases such as secondary electron emission and accurately captures time-dependent voltage effects.

Visualization of the new wafer etching example in VSim 11.0

New Built-in Analyzers

VSim 11.0 now includes analyzers to compute:

      • Far field radiation patterns using Kirchoff integration over a Cartesian box with 2nd order accuracy.
      • Thrust due to particles absorbed at a boundary
      • Modes of waveguides
      • Antenna gain and phase information
      • Angular Energy Distribution (AED) for particles absorbed at a boundary
      • Particle kinetic energy as a history

New simulation examples

VSim 11.0 has multiple new examples and templates to assist with simulation set-up for problems in electromagnetics, microwave devices, and plasma simulation. 

Screenshot of the new Dipole Radiation example in VSim 11.0
New Dipole Radiation example in VSim 11.0

More licensing Options

Floating and private cloud licenses are available in VSim 11.0.  

To see if VSim 11.0 can meet your complex needs in electromagnetics or plasma simulation, request a complimentary evaluation.  Our highly trained application engineers will answer your questions and help you get started today.
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