RSim 3.0.0 is now available

Tech-X Corporation has released RSim 3.0.0, a cross-platform radiation simulation tool with a user-friendly interface.  Inspired by a collaboration with NASA that required Tech-X to determine the level and effect of radiation on an instrument for the Europa Clipper mission, RSim allows engineers to predict radiation dose and flux in order to develop more effective radiation shielding.  With its comprehensive design and intuitive user interface, engineers can use RSim without needing to learn C++ input commands or secure their own access to radiation codes such as GRAS or Geant4.  In the latest version of RSim, ease of use continues to be emphasized, and RSim 3.0.0 includes multiple enhancements to visualization, modeling, and statistical analysis capabilities.

Users can switch from zonal(left) to nodal(right) visualization for mesh tallies in RSim 3.0.0
Improved Statistical Analysis, Histograms, and Probe Diagnostic Capability

The most common RSim application is in designing radiation shielding for delicate equipment and astronauts in unforgiving environments, which requires the development team to continuously look for improvements to accuracy.  In RSim 3.0.0, both source and geometry biasing have been implemented, allowing for a significant reduction of uncertainty in simulation results while minimizing simulation time.  Histograms have been added to provide another option in data analysis.  Finally, the introduction of probe diagnostics gives users the ability to probe radiation environments in different locations and with different materials, providing a more comprehensive picture of the situation being simulated.

Users of RSim 3.0.0 can plot 1D histograms for fluence, flux, and particle spectrum tallies
Increased Options For Simulation Visualization

RSim 3.0.0 simulation runs create a volume of data in areas of energy deposition, radiation flux, and more.  Visual exploration of 3D simulation data can provide additional understanding of simulation results, and visualization features have been greatly enhanced in this version.  RSim 3.0.0 features individual plot controls for clips, opacity, log scale, and number of surfaces.  Combined nodal and zonal imagery allows users to switch from zonal to nodal visualization for mesh tallies.  Lastly, slicing and scale control have been added to the setup interface providing more options during simulation setup. 

Top: Users can visually explore simulation data as each plot features individual controls for clips, opacity, log scale, and number of surfaces; Bottom: With the new scaling slider users can slice geometries for enhanced visual exploration of simulation data

RSim is the latest product in Tech-X’s line of simulation software, which includes VSim, a multiphysics simulation software package, and USim, a multi-charged fluid simulation software package.  RSim 3.0.0 is available for purchase now through the Tech-X website.  For more information or to request a complimentary 30-day evaluation of RSim 3.0.0, visit


About Tech-X Corporation:  Tech-X creates high fidelity simulation software that incorporates the latest research in computational physics and software development.  Because of Tech-X’s parallel processing capabilities, their software simulations can run on laptops as well as the most powerful supercomputers.  With applications from plasma discharge calculations to 5G, Tech-X’s software is used by engineers around the world to solve complex design problems.

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