Plasma Simulation in Extreme Regimes


USimHEDP is a unique computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code that accurately simulates plasma in extreme temperature and pressure conditions. With a range of meshing options, and visualization in multiple dimensionalities, USimHEDP captures electron and ion dynamics with advanced coupling to electromagnetic fields.

USimHEDP efficiently handles the broad range of conditions in high energy density laboratory experiments in order to simulate magnetic reconnection, dense plasma focus devices, and nanoparticle synthesis. Created by computational physicists familiar with the extraordinary conditions of high energy density plasmas, USimHEDP is the complete tool for plasma simulation in extreme regimes.

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USimHEDP Advantages

USimHEDP Capabilities

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Applications for USimHEDP

Dense Plasma Focus Devices

Magnetic Reconnection

Nanoparticle Synthesis

Plasma Torches

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