Tech-X 世界模擬峰會

SEPTEMBER 22-24, 2021


With a variety of unique topics and a special guest speaker, TWSS2021 will showcase current research using Tech-X software products, and highlight new capabilities in the latest versions of VSim and RSim.


Maxim Lobok 博士,俄羅斯科學院 Lebedev 物理研究所



TWSS2021 is a free virtual event and all presentations will be given over Zoom. Attendees will be required to register via Zoom to participate in live Q&A. All TWSS2021 presentations will be live-streamed on the Tech-X YouTube channel for those who wish to watch, but not participate in the Q&A.

Tech-x Youtube Channel

Additional time may be available for current software license holders to receive independent coaching on their simulation work from Tech-X engineers. Please let us know if you are interested in this option, and provide us with a brief description of your request by emailing

所有出席者均可免費獲得最新版本的 Tech-X 軟體產品的30天評估副本。按兩下上面的功能表欄中的請求免費評估。