About Tech-X Corporation


As the millennium drew to a close, many physicists became increasingly excited about the convergence of physics and computer science. Computation was greatly accelerating progress in the field. Dr. John R. Cary, a professor at the University of Colorado, and his colleagues recognized merging the two fields as an opportunity to apply their research to solve complex real-world problems. As a result, Tech-X Corporation was founded in Boulder, Colorado, in 1994.


在早期,Tech-X 使用物件導向程式設計來創建描述粒子追蹤的程式。 儘管取得了成功,但 Tech-X 團隊意識到他們的想法可以用來使更複雜的程式成為可擴充的,即能夠有效地利用大量的計算機處理器。 如果沒有可擴充性,這些程式的適用性將受到限制,無法解決電漿和射束物理學領域正在研究的更大問題。

綠地實施方法導致 VORPAL的誕生

採取「綠地實施」的方法,這要求從零開始完全建立程式,他們開始發展的新程式,這後來被稱為VORPAL。第一篇描述VORPAL的論文發表在2004年的《計算物理學雜誌》上。同年,《自然》雜誌封面上刊登了第二篇使用VORPAL解釋雷射電漿交互作用的論文,這對任何科學家來說都是一項巨大的成就。 自2004年以來,這兩篇論文總共被引用了近3000次,因為許多其他科學研究單位選擇在其研究中使用VORPAL程式。

VSim 的發行

In 2010, in response to growing consumer demand for more user-friendly software, VSim was created. VSim took the powerful VORPAL physics engine and combined it with the VSimComposer graphical-user-interface, allowing users to create physics simulations without the need for manual programming. It was also around this time that customizable “packages” were created for VSim so that users can customize the exact capabilities needed for their work.

USim 和 RSim

As global sales of VSim grew, Tech-X observed a need for additional products outside of the VSim framework. In 2013 the first version of USim, a charged, multi-fluids simulation application, was sold to consumers. Most recently, Tech-X has released RSim, a product that grew out of a Tech-X collaboration with NASA’s Orion mission. Used to simulate radiation transport, RSim is a user-friendly simulation product with applications from nuclear medicine to astronaut shielding.


Tech-X 從在科羅拉多州博爾德市的家中起步,現已發展成為一家頂級的模擬軟體供應商,其產品被各個行業的專業工程師和科學家使用。 Tech-X 軟體產品現在可以在世界各地找到,它們繼續在當地增強創新能力,並發現處理複雜問題的實際解決方案。