Tech-X WorldWide Simulation Summit

September 22-24, 2021

TWSS2021 features an exciting lineup of live webinars given by the designers and engineers that create our simulation tools and the researchers and scientists that use them.


With a variety of unique topics and a special guest speaker, TWSS2021 will showcase current research using Tech-X software products, and highlight new capabilities in the latest versions of VSim and RSim.

With a special keynote presentation by:

Dr. Maxim Lobok, Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Science

“Simulations of electron acceleration and accompanying effects in relativistic self-trapping regime of laser pulse propagation.”

TWSS2021 Schedule

TWSS2021 is a free virtual event and all presentations will be given over Zoom. Attendees will be required to register via Zoom to participate in live Q&A. All TWSS2021 presentations will be live-streamed on the Tech-X YouTube channel for those who wish to watch, but not participate in the Q&A.

Additional time may be available for current software license holders to receive independent coaching on their simulation work from Tech-X engineers. Please let us know if you are interested in this option, and provide us with a brief description of your request by emailing

Free 30-day evaluation copies of the latest versions of Tech-X software products are available to all attendees. Click “Request free evaluation” from the menu bar above to request your copy now.

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