Plasma discharge simulation, plasma etching demo on laptop.

The Tech-X Worldwide Simulation Summit (TWSS) is a free event open to all members of our global user community. Held in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, TWSS features a comprehensive lineup of workshops and webinars led by our team of experts.

At TWSS2022, you will:

  • Learn new simulation techniques directly from the physicists and engineers who developed them.
  • Hear about the latest research being done with VSim from our scientific team and from other users in our global community.
  • Preview new features and capabilities currently under development.
  • Participate in hands-on workshops and potentially receive
    individualized coaching from our application engineers (on-site attendees only).

The final TWSS agenda is tailored to the preferences of each session’s attendees. Risk-free 30-day evaluation licenses of the latest version of VSim will be available to all attendees so that they may follow along with the presenters. Users who would like to share their simulation work with the VSim user community are invited to propose presentation topics.

Tech-X Worldwide Simulation Summit


Examples of previous TWSS talks include:

Wafer Etching with Plasma Processing Methods

Modeling Corona Discharge

Phased Array Antennas


To see the full list of videos from previous TWSS events, click the link below to visit the Tech-X YouTube page.

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