Tech-X 2017 Worldwide Simulation Summit Agenda


September 12, 2017 Tuesday

  • Introduction to FDTD and Self-consistent PIC Algorithms
  • VSim Visual Setup and Text-based Setup
  • Visualization and Post-processing
    • H5 file formats and locations

September 13, 2017, Wednesday

  • Microwave Devices
    • Pillbox Cavity Excitation
    • Determining Q-factor, losses, modes
  • Plasma Discharges
    • Plasma Simulation Performance
    • Avoiding numerical instabilities: Debye heating
    • Adding particles to simulations
    • Importing cross-sections
  • Advanced visualization techniques (VisIt)

September 14, 2017 Thursday

  • Advanced analyzers
    • Writing your own scripts
  • Advanced plasma topics
  • Advanced microwave device topics
    • TWTs: dispersion relations
    • Multipacting

Additional time is available for independent simulation project work coached by Tech-X experts. Please let us know your preferences.  Contact us at



TuesdayTuesdayWelcome and Introduction

Introduction to Tech-X Products and Services

Your First Simulation: Exploring the Tree and Changing Parameters

Coffee Break (install VSim if necessary)

Building and Running Your Own Simulation with Visual Setup

Post-Processing and Visualizing Data


Understanding VSim’s Algorithms, Part 1

Running and Exploring a Text-Based Example

Coffee Break

Understanding VSim’s Algorithms, Part 2

Troubleshooting, Gotchas, and Help

Future Vision of Tech-X

User Feedback and Features to Add

Wednesday Morning:13 September Microwave DevicesExtracting Figures of Merit from Cavities: Comparing with Real-life Microwave Measurements, Part 1

Coffee Break

Extracting Figures of Merit from Cavities: Comparing with Real-life Microwave Measurements, Part 2

Understanding Numerical Instabilities in Plasma, Part 1


Wednesday Afternoon:13 September PlasmaUnderstanding Numerical Instabilities in Plasma, Part 2

Importing Cross Sections from External Databases

Coffee Break

Sources and Sinks: Getting Particles into VSim

Advanced Visualization


Thursday Morning:14 September PlasmaAdvanced Analyzers
Coffee and Plasma ChemistryUSim Simulations of the ICP Ion Source for SNS

Share Your Feedback on VSIm for Plasma Discharges


Thursday Afternoon:14 September Microwave DevicesHelix TWT: Dispersion, Attenuation and Power Runs

Joining Computation and Physics for MD Models

Breakdown Phenomena: Multipacting, Part 1

Coffee Break

Breakdown Phenomena: Multipacting, Part 2

Particle Tracking and Handling Missing Particles, Analysis for Microwave Devices

Your View and Priorities for Microwave Devices


Friday15 September WorkshoppingIndependent Study

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