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VSim Phased Array Antenna Simulation

VSim Phased Array Antenna Beamforming Visualization

If you are an RF engineer facing the challenge of long simulation runs or concerned about the accuracy in your phased array modeling, or your design is just too large or complex to simulate using your current tools, Tech-X's unique simulation approach is your solution.

VSim’s multiphysics FDTD solver provides the best method for simulation and design optimization studies of phased array antenna systems. Antenna arrays provide more directive beamforming characteristics and non-mechanical steering than single element antennas, making them ideal for:

  • Commercial
  • Wireless & Mobile Telecommunication Systems
  • Military and Defense RADAR
  • Acoustics
  • Atmospheric and Space Research
  • Medical Imaging Applications

VSim Phased Array Simulation SetupUsing VSim, you can easily set up phased array systems by using built-in geometries or importing CAD files.  VSim enables you to analyze antenna features and obtain beamforming solutions under different conditions with dielectrics, and even plasma, with Tech-X’s state-of-the art kinetic plasma solver. Determine radiation pattern controls:

  • Geometry configuration: linear, circular, rectangular, spherical, etc.
  • Relative displacements between elements
  • Excitation amplitude between elements
  • Excitation phase between elements
  • Coupling: Relative pattern of individual elements

Use VSim’s built-in examples to get started simulating phased array antennas. VSim supports highly efficient, parallel-computing, so your electromagnetically large simulations will run in record time on HPCs.VSim Phased Array 1D Simulation Visualization

Unlike FEM solvers, VSim’s FDTD solver, which models Maxwell’s equations, implements a unique algorithm, specialized for the fastest far-field calculations. This advanced feature minimizes simulation time by orders of magnitude. In addition, frequency optimization has never been easier, because unlike with FEM solvers, VSim can simulate multiple frequencies simultaneously. In VSim you can set up antennas with different radiation patterns, frequencies, or polarizations within the same simulation, making it ideal for modeling MIMO antennas.VSim Phased Array Antenna 2D Far Fields View

Perfect your antenna design by measuring coupling effects between array elements and reflections.  Calculate S-parameters for each array element then create beamforming graphs. Analyze performance results to determine key design elements for optimization:

  • Number of elements
  • Spacing between elements
  • Phase and amplitude models of the excitation
  • Directivity
  • Side-lobe levels

VSim Far Fields 3D ViewPhased array antennas are a vastly-expanding field of research and development.  Tech-X is currently developing more capabilities to make VSim your most efficient solution for phased array antenna design.

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