VSim Reference


The VSim Reference manual describes in detail all Visual Setup parameters, all Vorpal input file blocks, and all macros that can be used.

VSim [VSi] is an arbitrary dimensional, electromagnetics and plasma simulation code consisting of two major components:

  • VSimComposer, the graphical user interface.
  • Vorpal [NC04], the VSim Computational Engine.

VSim also includes many more items such as Python, MPI, data analyzers, and a set of input simplifying macros.

Text Setup

Global Variables


EM Field

EmField Block

EmField Block Kinds

ComboEmField Block


Multifield Block

[CoordProd]STFuncStencilElement Block

VectorReader Block

LinearSolver Block

LinearSolver Kinds

Scalar Block

UpdateStep and InitialUpdateStep Block

PmlRegion Block

DielectricShape Block

ConductorShape Block

Conductor Block

ScalarDepositor and VectorDepositor


ImpactCollider / ImpactCollision

ImpactCollider Block

ImpactCollision Block

Monte Carlo Interactions (DEPRECATED)


Collisions set up using the Monte Carlo Interactions frame work will still work in VSim 10 simulations, but we recommend converting simulations to the new Reactions Framework

MonteCarloInteractions Block

IncidentSelector Block

Interaction/NullInteraction Blocks

NullInteraction Kinds
NullInteractions working with a neutralGas Fluid block:


External Circuit Model

Slab Block

Postprocessing Tools

Trademarks and licensing

  • Vorpal™ © 1999-2002 University of Colorado. All rights reserved.
  • Vorpal™ © 2002-2021 University of Colorado and Tech-X Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • VSim™ except for Vorpal™ is © 2012-2021 Tech-X Corporation. All rights reserved.

For VSim™ licensing details please email sales@txcorp.com. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Redistribution of any VSim™ input files from the VSim™ installation or the VSim™ document set, including VSim Installation, VSim Examples, VSim User Guide, VSim Reference, and VSim Customization, is allowed provided that this Copyright statement is also included with the redistribution.