Making your data web accessible

If your simulation files are stored on a workstation with a web server, you can make your files web accessible, as discussed here.

  • Working OpenLdap directory server

  • Must have ssl support on port 636

  • Available credentials to connect to openldap server. Anonymous binds not supported

  • User accounts in the LDAP directory must have the homeDirectory attribute set


  1. Install Apache Httpd web server, php and the php ldap library

    $ dnf install httpd mod_ssl php php-ldap
    $ systemctl start httpd
    $ systemctl enable httpd
  2. Edit index.php and set appropriate values for the following variables

    $ldap_server_uri  = 'ldaps://';
    $search_scope     = 'ou=users,dc=example,dc=com';
    $proxy_dn         = 'ldapserver_bind_dn';
    $proxy_pass       = 'ldapserver_bind_password';
  3. Copy index.php, display.php, and logout.php into the Apache Httpd web server’s DocumentRoot directory. On Redhat based machines e.g Fedora, Centos, the default DocumentRoot is /var/www/html

  4. Go to https://localhost , log in and verify that you are able to see your files.