VSim Documentation

In addition to this PDF version of the VSim documentation, all of the documentation is accessible from within the VSimComposer interface, as well as online at the Tech-X web site, VSimDocumentation.

VSim Installation

VSim Installation Instructions guides the user through the installation process for VSim. Release notes are also provided in this document.

VSim User Guide

VSim User Guide contains comprehensive VSim documentation, including directions for running VSim from the command line support resources. When you are ready to create your own simulation, consult this document for in-depth information about VSim features.

VSim Examples

VSim Examples provides numerous tutorials for both beginning and advanced VSim users.

VSim Customizaton

VSim Customization discusses macros and analyzers in futher detail, for users who would like a higher degree of customization in their simulations and postprocessing.

VSim Reference

VSim Reference is a quick-reference manual for VSim users to look up specific VSim features and code block syntax for use in editing a VSim input file.

Searching the Documentation

All documentation is available through the VSimComposer itself by clicking on the Help icon on the far left or by going to the top menu bar and selecting Help –> Help Contents.

The Search field in particular is a fast way to find terms and examples, and supports the following options:

  • Wildcard search

    Use an asterisk * to represent a sequence of characters such that the term you entered can either be the whole or a part of the results displayed. For example:

    • Searching for "process*" will display "process" as well as results like "processes", "processing", etc.

    • Searching for "*process" will display "process" as well as results like "postprocess", "preprocess", etc.

    • Searching for "*process*" will display "process" as well as results like "preprocessed", "postprocessing", etc.

  • Omit words You can omit words in your search by putting a minus - sign in front of the word to omit. For example, typing "cylindrical -coordinates" would omit results that contain the word "coordinates", so your results would only include terms like "cylindrical capacitor", etc.

All searches are case insensitive.