About Tech-X


Tech-X’s mission is to provide customers with the best computational software and engineering services to enable their breakthroughs.

Tech-X Software Products

  • VSim PIC EM, Particle, and Plasma Simulation

  • USim Fluid Plasma Modeling

  • PSim Complex Block Polymer Modeling

Tech-X is committed to quality software

  • Rigorously tested software engineering applications
  • Test-driven consulting: test definition is first step
  • Scientific development with continuous integration

Consulting Services

Tech-X takes pride in excellence in physics, engineering, mathematics, and computer science.  We have specific expertise in:

The Tech-X Advantage

Tech-X has:

  • The highest performing computational applications
  • Software developers with deep background in computer science and cross-platform development
  • Engineers and scientists current with the latest hardware and software advances
  • Experience in moving complex codes and applications onto a platform that fits your business and your employees

Tech-X can work with you to:

  • Create award winning visualizations and train your staff in the use of visualization tools so they can create their own visualizations
  • Implement Quality Control and provide Support for Open-source Tools
  • Develop and implement codes, services, and processes, including Middleware and Facilities Monitoring

Tech-X Partners and Collaborators

Our partners and collaborators are at the leading edge of science and technology. They represent a broad spectrum of efforts to discover, describe, predict and exploit the complex behaviors of matter and energy.

part collab

Tech-X Customers

We provide our customers with both off-the-shelf and customized solutions addressing their advanced technology needs.

cust comm

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