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License Options

VSim Package Description:
VSimVE has all of the capabilities of VSimEM and is more expensive.
VSimPlasma has all of the capabilities of VSimVE and is more expensive.

Node-Locked Workstation License

This license ties the software to individual laptops or workstations based on their MAC addresses.


You purchase a total of 48 cores 

  • Scenario A: Distribute cores across six laptops, each laptop with its own eight core license for a total of 48-cores. 
  • Scenario B: 48-core license on a Windows Professional machine. Two people access and run two separate 24-core tasks remotely.

Key Requirements: 

You must provide the MAC addresses of all workstations. 


Our standard pricing depends on the number of core, the software capabilities, and the institution type. The way that our pricing works, Scenario B is cheaper than Scenario A even though the total number of cores are the same.


  • Expiration time
  • Specific software packages
  • Maximum number of cores

Cluster License

This license is for computer clusters.


You buy a 48-core cluster.

  • Scenario A: Run a single 48-core job on the cluster.
  • Scenario B: Two users run two separate 24-core tasks concurrently. 

Key Requirements: 

Shared file system AND a queue command AND (ability to run server OR a list of MAC addresses)


Standard pricing is based on the number of cores.


  • Expiration time
  • Specific software packages
  • Maximum of number of cores in total concurrent jobs

Floating Network License

This license is for larger computer clusters or multiple workstations.


You purchase a 48-core floating network license

  • Scenario A: 6 workstations running 8-core jobs, each with a different user
  • Scenario B: 1 cluster running a 40-core and an 8-core job on a workstation
  • Scenario C: 48-core job on a workstation.

Key Requirements: 

Ability to access Tech-X license server


Because of the flexibility, the cost is 2X the node-locked workstation 


  • Expiration time
  • Specific software packages
  • Maximum of number of cores in total concurrent jobs

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Client Testimonials

"A substantial amount of the value of the software was the support we received and the help setting up the ion source models. This has made VSim really useful for our research."
Bruce Marsh
"在设计我们的阶梯型行波管(TWT)时,VSim对我们来说是非常宝贵的。我们没有其他代码可以提供这种设备的非线性射束动力学。如果没有 VSim 的分布式计算能力,这些运行将需要几个月的时间,因此实际上是不可能的。此外,Tech-X的支持人员在设置我们的问题并使我们获得解决方案方面提供了很大的帮助"。
Heather Song


Node-Locked License: Specific to a set of interconnected nodes with registered MAC addresses and no queuing system.

Fixed-Node Cluster License: Specific to designated nodes within a cluster with registered MAC addresses and a shared queuing system.

Dynamic Cluster License: Flexible for any node within a connected cluster, even if new nodes are added later. No need to provide MAC addresses for each node upfront.

Consider the size of your cluster, whether you have a queuing system, and if you anticipate adding more nodes in the future. If you have a static set of interconnected nodes without a queuing system, Node-Locked is suitable. If you have a fixed cluster with a queuing system, choose Fixed-Node Cluster. If you want flexibility and potential expansion, Dynamic Cluster is ideal.

Yes, you can upgrade your license type or extend its duration. Please reach out to our sales team, and they will guide you through the upgrade process.

The software will not permit jobs that exceed the licensed core limit. You will need to either run smaller jobs or consider upgrading your license to accommodate more cores.

For Node-Locked and Fixed-Node Cluster licenses, you would need to provide us with the new MAC address to update the license. For Dynamic Cluster licenses, as long as the new node connects to the cluster and meets the criteria, no changes are necessary.

A queuing system manages and schedules jobs across nodes in a cluster, ensuring efficient use of resources. It’s crucial for Fixed-Node Cluster and Dynamic Cluster licenses as they are designed to work with nodes managed by a single queuing system.

A perpetual license means that you can use the software indefinitely without the need for renewal. However, software updates and support might be limited after a certain period, and you might need to purchase maintenance or support packages separately.

You can send us the MAC addresses via our secure online portal or through encrypted email. We take data security seriously and ensure that your information is protected and used solely for licensing purposes.

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