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VSimPlasma is a versatile and powerful Particle-In-Cell (PIC) with Monte-Carlo capabilities software application specifically optimized for plasma simulation. VSimPlasma explicitly tracks kinetic particle species in arbitrary pressure background gases, including the effects of elastic, excitation, and ionization collisions between electrons, ions, and neutral particles. 

Using Tech-X Corporation’s proprietary cut-cell algorithms and a unique combination of FDTD and PIC methods, VSimPlasma rapidly and accurately models the complex dynamics of plasma discharges in multiple dimensions. In addition, robust post-processing capabilities enable thorough physics analysis, and the software is designed to easily install and run both on high-performance parallel computing systems and laptops.

VSimPlasma Advantages

Glass VSim software Icon By Tech-X Corporation

“A substantial amount of the value of the software was the support we received and the help
setting up the ion source models. This has made VSim really useful for our research.”

Bruce Marsh


Featured VSimPlasma Example

VSim modeling for plasma processing: Efficiently simulate etching microelectronics wafers using argon ions in a plasma chamber.

Targeted simulation: Save computational time by concentrating simulation efforts near the wafer edge, where non-uniformities pose challenges.

Smooth plasma injection: Utilize a custom injection method to replenish lost plasma without creating artificial sheaths at the computational boundary and minimize computational time.

Flexible Geometry Input: Easily Import CAD Geometries (.Stl Or .Step Files) To Model Dielectric Materials Using VSim’s CSG Geometry Feature.

Focus Ring Geometry: Improve plasma sheath and ion beam uniformity along the wafer’s length by utilizing a focus ring made of dielectric material.

Accurate Plasma Analysis: Calculate the EEAF and IEAF at any point on the geometry. 


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