What Is TWSS?

The Tech-X Worldwide Simulation Summit is a free event open to all members of our global user community. Held in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, TWSS features a comprehensive lineup of workshops and webinars led by our team of experts. At TWSS, users will learn new simulation techniques and hear about the latest research done with Tech-X tools.

The final TWSS agenda is tailored to the preferences of each session’s attendees, and additional time may be available for independent simulation project work coached by Tech-X engineers. Users who would like to share their simulation work with the VSim user community are invited to propose presentation topics.

Free 30-day evaluation copies of the latest versions of Tech-X software products are available to all attendees. Click “Request free evaluation” from the menu bar above to request your copy now.




Tech-X WorldWide Simulation Summit SEPTEMBER 22-24, 2021 TWSS2021 features an exciting lineup of live webinars given by the designers and engineers

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Come Join Us For The Tech-X Worldwide Simulation Summit September 16-18, 2020 TWSS2020 will be an exciting virtual event where

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Field Expert Speakers

TWSS features an exciting lineup of workshops and webinars given by the designers and engineers that create our simulation tools and the researchers and scientists that use them. 

With a variety of unique topics and a special guest speaker, TWSS showcases current research done with Tech-X simulation tools, and highlights new capabilities of the latest software releases.


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