The Description element holds basic user-supplied text information about the simulation. This information can be used to reference the specific goals of a simulation.

short description: This string is the title of the example in the New –> From Example selection. This also sets the title that appears at the top of the RSim window when the simulation is open.

description: A few sentences to describe the simulation, coincidentally this is the description given in the window on the right side in the examples window upon selecting an example.

long description: This is generally used to give a description of what the simulation does, and what will happen when key parameters are modified.

image: The image parameter should give the name of a picture, located in the same directory as the input file. Frequently, this image is used to illustrate key parameters such as dimensions of a physical structure. 400 x 500 pixels is a good image size.

thumbnail: This is the small image that is visible when you select an example file, located in the same directory as the input file. 250 x 250 pixels is a good image size.

version: (not editable) The version of RSim used to create this example.