Output File Overview

Several output files are created when an RSim File is saved, and several more after a run.

PRE File

This file is a translation of the GUI .SDF file into a GORAD simulation file. It is not possible, nor necessary to edit this file


The GDML file will contain all information regarding the Geometries of the simulation, saved in GDML format. The content of this file will noticeably change if the Basic Setting Constructive Solid Geometry Format is changed to tesselated. For most all instances a CSG format will provide faster computational speed. Presence of this file in the local simulation directory is necessary to run a simulation.

Materials File

The materials file is a .xml file that will contain all materials data used in the simulation. Presence of this file in the local simulation directory is necessary to run a simulation.

VSH5 File

The .vsh5 file is a reperesentation of the gdml file used for visualizing the geometries. It is necessary for visualizing simulation results

Histogram Files

Histogram files are created for all tallies. The number of data lines in the file will correspond to the number of bins specified in the tally +2. There is an overflow and underflow bin automatically included.

The histogram file follows the naming convention simulationNameHisto_h1_tallyName.csv

The second column is the sum of weights in that bin. If not using weighted results this will be equal to the number of entries. The third column is the sum of squared weights, also equal to the number of entries if weight is 1. The third column is the value of tally times the weight. The fourth column is the value of the tally squared times the weight.

number of entries, Sw, Sw2, Sxw0, Sx2w0, corresponding to Sw : sum of weight (= entries if weight is 1.) Sw2 : sum of squared weight (= entries if weight is 1.) Sxw0 : sum of (x_value * weight) Sx2w0 : sum of (x_value * x_value * weight)

PostScript File

A postscript file is also created that is the specified histogram file name. This will contain a graph of all histograms from the simulation.

Tally Files

A CSV file is created for every tally. This will contain the name of the volume / mesh used in the tally. Name of the tally along with the value of the tally, and square of the tally value. An example Shape Tally is given below

# mesh name: s1_WallBracket_vol

# primitive scorer name: EnergyDepositWallBracket

# i, i, i, total(value) [MeV], total(val^2), number of entries, relError


In a volume tally, the first three entries will all be 0’s. In a mesh tally this will correspond to the index of the mesh cell.

The error of the tally is autiomatically calculated as error^2 = total^2/number of entries - (total/number of entries)^2

In addition to the error calculation, a factor necessary to increase the number of events by to get under 10% error will be given.

The tally files will follow the naming convention simulationName_tallyNameMesh.csv

Scores File

A file filename_scores.h5 will be created for visualizing the simulaiton results.

G4History.macro File

This is a condensed version of the PRE file, and should not be modified.

Run Log File

A file is created with every simulation {simulationName}_runlog_0-0.txt

This file will contain the output of the runlog of the simulation

Parts List File

A simulation {simulationName}_partsList.csv is created of all imported CAD files. This is done as the output from external CAD files may make use of characters forbidden by the computational engine. They are sanitized here, and this can be used if creating a file for material annotation.

Alias File

The alias file is used in converting the SDF file to a PRE file.