RSim Release Notes

The release notes describe new features for the RSim product.

RSim 3.0.1 Fixes

  • Fixed issue in specification of rectangular YZ plane sources
  • Clarified particle source documentation.
  • Improved Run Tab parameters for schedule jobs
  • Fixed issue with PYTHONPATH in Windows environment setup script
  • Fixed issue with Field Analysis tool clip plane
  • Fixed issue with labels in Setup 3D Geometry view
  • Fixed several issues with licensing configuration and diagnostics

New RSim 3.0 Features


  • Can add surface roughness to any geometry
  • Ellipsoid primitives can be specified

Particle Sources

  • Direct specification of surface/volume source geometry
  • Addition of focused angular distribution
  • Addition of weighted 2 column source
  • Automated calculation and use of integral flux for normalization with weighted and 2 column energy spectrums
  • Addition of geometric biasing for sphere surface sources


  • Probe Tallies can be created with any material
  • Source Energy Spectrum tally


  • Histogram’s can be directly visualized
  • Automatic scaling of colors for all values currently visualized in Data Overview

RSim 2.0 Features

Basic Settings

  • Number of primary particles
  • Number of threads
  • Verbosity
  • Choice of format of CSG: CSG or tessellated solids in GDML


  • Production cuts
  • Updated physics lists from Geant4


  • More then 700 materials coming from the material database


  • Creating CSG solids
  • Importing CAD objects (GDML, STL, H5M)

Particle Sources

  • Volume and surface sources from CSG objects
  • Point source
  • Plane source
  • Angular distribution
  • Energy spectrum


  • Multiple volume and mesh tallies

RSim Documentation

There are three manuals, RSim Installation, RSim User Guide and RSim Examples. The User Guide contains an extensive section on the basic concepts of simulation.

RSim Examples

RSim examples contains many new examples, in particular concerning

  • Medical Applications
  • Human Radiation Shielding Applications
  • Circuit Shielding Applications