What is Installed with RSim?

Upon completing the installation process (described in RSim Installation Instructions), RSim, will be installed on your computer. This is described in detail below.


RSim is a graphical user interface for

  • Creating and editing RSim input files
  • Executing the RSim engine (GORAD)
  • Visualizing the results of RSim simulations
  • Viewing the documentation

The RSim editor and validator have built-in functions and graphical components that help you to create input files. Example input files, ranging in complexity from beginning to advanced, are included with RSim. New RSim users can use these examples as templates.

Computational engines can be enabled by setting the directories in the Paths tab of Application Settings. GORAD is included with RSim and the only supported engine at this time.

See the “Host Settings” section in the RSim User Guide For further details on setting the path.

The RSim Run pane invokes the GORAD engine with user definable settings for number of events and number of data dumps.

All documentation can be seen from within RSim, fully cross-referenced.

More Information

More information about RSim can be found at the RSim Product Website (https://www.txcorp.com/rsim). Send questions about installing or running RSim to Tech-X Customer Support at support@txcorp.com. For technical questions about the physics, users may wish to email support@txcorp.com. Extensive assistance in the use of RSim or simulation in general is available from Tech-X Professional Services. Please contact Tech-X directly for sales, consulting, and other questions at sales@txcorp.com.