Running in Parallel from VSimComposer

VSimComposer runs simulations in serial by default when you open a new simulation. If you are running on a local system with multiple cores, you can run your simulation in parallel as multiple processes.

Permanently Switching the Engine to Parallel Execution

One can switch the engine to parallel execution from within Tools -> Settings, by following the steps provided in MPI. See Fig. 66.

Setting Composer to run in parallel image

Fig. 66 Switching on parallel execution in the settings tab.

Defining the Number of Processors From the Run Window

It is also possible to switch the number of processors the simulation is run on within a single simulation session in the Run window. In the Runtime Options pane, you will find the Parallel Run Options box. Here you can define the number of cores to run on. You cannot use more cores than you are licensed for. The options will appear with their defaulted values for that simulation, but you can override the defaults. This setting will be retained for as long as the current file is open. See Changing number of cores on a per-simulation basis.

Setting number of processors image

Fig. 67 Changing number of cores on a per-simulation basis

Now change any command line options as desired or run as usual by pressing the Run button.