RSim Documentation

The RSim Documentation comes with 3 manuals.

RSim Installation: System requirements, installing the software on your machine, release notes, and licensing.

RSim User Guide: Basics of creating and running a simulation, with a detailed listing of all features of RSim including command-line support.

RSim Examples: Detailed walkthrough of several example simulations.

In addition to this PDF version of the RSim documentation, all of the documentation is accessible from within the RSim interface, as well as online at the Tech-X web site, RSimDocumentation.

These manuals are also distributed with RSim in PDF form for your convenience.

Searching the Documentation

All documentation is available through the RSim itself by clicking on the Help icon on the far left or by going to the top menu bar and selecting Help –> Help Contents.

The Search field in particular is a fast way to find terms and examples. It supports the following options:

  • Wildcard search

    Use an asterisk * to represent a sequence of characters such that the term you entered can either be the whole or a part of the results displayed. For example:

    • Searching for “process*” will display “process” as well as results like “processes”, “processing”, etc.
    • Searching for “*process” will display “process” as well as results like “postprocess”, “preprocess”, etc.
    • Searching for “*process*” will display “process” as well as results like “preprocessed”, “postprocessing”, etc.
  • Omit words You can omit words in your search by putting a minus - sign in front of the word to omit. For example, typing “cylindrical -coordinates” would omit results that contain the word “coordinates”, so your results would only include terms like “cylindrical capacitor”, etc.

All searches are case insensitive.

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Trademarks and licensing

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For RSim™ licensing details please email All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Redistribution of any RSim™ input files from the RSim™ installation or the RSim™ document set, including RSim Installation, RSim User Guide, and RSim Examples, is allowed provided that this Copyright statement is also included with the redistribution.