Computational Fluid Dynamics for Plasma

USim is a unique computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code that has been optimized for fluid plasma simulation.  Using structured or unstructured meshes, USim quickly and accurately simulates neutral and charged fluid dynamics.  USim supports parallel computing that enables users to solve extremely complex problems using algorithms designed for high performance computing systems.  Available with two different advanced modules, USim provides detailed models of hypersonic flows and high energy density plasma, and is one of the only tools able to capture the multi-species dynamics of hypersonic flight.  Trusted by researchers around the world, and used by engineers in industries from national defense to aerospace, USim is the complete fluid plasma solution.

USim can be configured with the following modules

USim Advantages


As a CFD tool optimized for plasma simulation, USim is unique in its ability to simulate charged fluid interactions in extreme conditions. With USim’s innovative approach to simulating multi-species fluids, USim applications include plasma torches, nanoparticle synthesis, spacecraft shielding design, and spacecraft radio communications blackout.


USim supports a variety of hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic models with extensions to multi-fluid and multi-species models. Because USim was built as a parallel computing product, it scales up for extremely large problems such as simulating high-Mach flows, and plasmas at extreme conditions.


Tech-X software products are created by a team of computational physicists and software engineers and have been tested for solution accuracy on a number of standard problems including the GEC Reference Cell and the Turner benchmarks. Created by a team of plasma physicists, our codes have been cited over 2000 times in the scientific literature.

Tech-X software can be found on supercomputers around the world


University of Sydney


Argonne National Laboratory



Shaheen II

Saudi Arabia

USim users experience world class support​

Our application engineers are highly trained with the expertise and education to help you set up your simulation and extract results.


“A substantial amount of the value of the software was the support we received and the help setting up the ion source models. This has made VSim really useful for our research.”

Bruce Marsh

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