Tech-X Corporation today announced RSim2.0

Boulder, Colorado. March 03, 2020.

Tech-X Corporation today announced RSim2.0, a cross platform, CAD capable radiation simulation tool with a user-friendly interface and visualization.

“Tech-X is excited to release our new software RSim,” says John Cary, CEO of Tech-X Corporation. “RSim allows engineers to easily predict radiation effects, perform shielding calculations, and assess survivability in harsh surroundings like space.”

RSim was inspired by calculations for NASA to determine the level and effect of radiation on the Surface Dust Mass Analyzer (SUDA) instrument used in the Europa Clipper mission. After observing a commercial need for user-friendly radiation simulation software, RSim was developed to provide ease of use, CAD importability, and visualization capabilities. Tech-X anticipates demand for RSim will come from a variety of industries, from nuclear medicine to satellite shielding design.

Features and benefits of RSim2.0 include:

  • User friendly interface that enables users to set up simulations without C++ programming or manually editing input files
  • Rich database of over 700 materials pre-loaded and the ability to create new materials as needed
  • Import several CAD formats with shape healing
  • Create complex shapes through Boolean and array operations
  • Create a variety of radiation sources
  • Run verified Monte Carlo simulations
  • Compute multiple volume and mesh quantities, such as energy and dose deposits, cell flux, collision totals, and more
  • 3D visualization to provide qualitative and quantitative analysis

RSim is the latest product in Tech-X’s line of simulation software, which includes VSim, a multiphysics simulation software package, and USim, a multi-charged-fluid simulation software package.

RSim is available for purchase now through the Tech-X website. For more information visit or stop by booth 1651 at the Satellite 2020 Conference & Exhibition, March 9-12, 2020, in Washington, D.C.