Enables simulations of complex mixtures of block copolymers, homopolymers and solvents.

psim psimbase

These simulations can include multi-block copolymers of arbitrary architecture that can be specified by the user.


  • Multi-block linear copolymers
  • Arbitrary branched copolymers
  • Mixtures of copolymers, homopolymers and solvent species
  • Advanced relaxation techniques: includes spectral filtering and zone annealing

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linear triblock
Linear Triblock

Projected monomer density values for phase-segregated linear ABA triblock.

zone anneal

Zone Annealing

Intermediate morphology for a linear AB diblock. A slab "zone" is moving through the simulation grid that simulates local heating.

nano ptcl wall
2D Block Copolymer and Nanoparticle Mixture

2D block copolymer and nanoparticle mixture. The nanocomposite mixture is confined between parallel, flat surfaces.

star abc

ABC Star-copolymer

Monomer density values for an ABC star-copolymer.

neutral pore confine
Linear Diblock Chains with Cylindrical Confinement

3D monomer density isosurfaces for linear diblock chains with cylindrical confinement.

linear diblock

Linear Diblock

Monomer density isosurfaces for a system of phase-segregating 3D linear diblock chains. This image is produced by PSim using embedded VisIt.


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