Prof. John R. Cary Awarded Dawson Prize

Boulder, Colorado – August 5, 2015:

Prof. John R. Cary has been awarded the International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Plasmas John Dawson Prize for Numerical Simulation of Plasmas. This is a prestigious lifetime achievement award that is awarded at each ICNSP.

Dr. Cary’s interests are concentrated in beam/accelerator physics, plasma physics, nonlinear dynamics, and computational physics. His accelerator/beam physics interests concentrate currently in advanced accelerator concepts: the generation and use of large (10-100 GV/m) fields through laser-plasma interactions. His plasma physics interests are currently in the simulation of the nonlinear interactions of radio frequency electromagnetic fields with plasma as occurring in plasma heating. In plasma heating the nonlinear dynamical effects, which are crucial to making the process irreversible, are also part of his research. In recent years Prof. Cary has devoted extensive effort to computational methods, including developing a new arbitrary-dimensional, parallel, hybrid, plasma simulation code, VORPAL.