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Tech-X Branding Assets & Guidelines

The Tech-X logo can be displayed in color (preferred) or if required for visibility, either black or white.  Official versions of the logo are also available in stacked configuration.  Use of either configuration is acceptable as long as the official versions are used.


Tech-X Official Logo Variations

Stacked Logo

Official Tech-X Logo Stacked Configuration


Download the Tech-X Logo

Color PNG (raster)

White PNG (raster)

Black PNG (raster)

Color SVG (vector)

White SVG (vector)

Black SVG (vector)

Download the Stacked Tech-X Logo

Color Stacked PNG (raster)

White Stacked PNG (raster)

Black Stacked PNG (raster)

Color Stacked SVG (vector)

White Stacked SVG (vector)

Black Stacked SVG (vector)


Proper Logo Use

Please do not modify the logo.  Use of the official logo serves to distinguish Tech-X from other similarly named organizations and products that are not associated with our company. Please observe the following rules in your use of all Tech-X company and product logos:

  • Do not re-create any part of the logo or type; use only official versions.
  • Do not stretch or modify the logo in any way.
  • Do not change the logo color.
  • Do not use graphic effects or outlines on the logo.
  • Do not screen the logo; always print at 100% density.
  • Do not rearrange the type or elements of the logo.

Minimum Size

The recommended minimum size for the Tech-X logo is 32 pixels high (example below).

Tech-X Logo Size Limit Guideline

The recommended minimum size for the Tech-X logo is 96 pixels high (example below).

Tech-X Stacked Logo Size Limit Guideline

Other Images

Additional Tech-X resource images can be found in the press kits available on Tech-X Press page.

Color Palette

Tech-X Corporation is committed to technical excellence and innovation. Our technical staff addresses specific research questions and delivers quantifiable results, culminating in specialized skills, advanced technologies, and commercial products that enable large-scale computing solutions and offer a greater understanding of physical processes. Among our core competencies is the simulation of processes, devices, and physical systems related to plasma physics, fusion, and accelerator technologies, performed on computer systems ranging from desktops to Leadership Computing Facilities. By creating software for simulations and the infrastructure to support our research development, we are able to increase our understanding of complex physical phenomena.

Tech-X Logo Color Palette

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