What is VSimComposer?

VSimComposer provides an interface that allows you to edit and validate your simulation input files, run VSim simulations, and visualize results using the VisIt-based Visualization pane embedded within VSimComposer. You can also edit VSim input files in the text editor of your choice, perform calculations with the easy-to-run, command-line-driven Vorpal engine, and then run the visualization tool of your choice.


Look and Feel Differences

VSim runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Each of these platforms has its own unique look and feel (e.g. the ordering of buttons in dialogs, and in the case of Mac OS X the arrangement of menus and menu items). Furthermore, the appearance of VSim can vary depending on the theme being used.

Given these differences and that screenshots may not always be of the most recent release, please note that screenshots shown in this manual may look different from the VSim that you see running on your own computers. VSim should function the same, but if you look for a particular toolbar or button, it may not be in same place in your copy of VSim.