Generating Licensing Logs

If you experience any license-related issues with this product, Tech-X support may request logs generated by the license manager. Logging is disabled by default, so it will need to be enabled in order to generate these logs. Follow these steps to enable logging:

  1. Close Composer if it was previously running.

  2. Create a new directory which the logs will be saved to. This can be any directory as long as composer has access to write to it.

  3. In your newly created log directory, you will need to create (touch) empty files for the license manager to write to. These files should be named in the following convention: <executableName>License<mpiRank>.log. For serial runs, the mpiRank should be 0. For parallel runs, the range of possible log files is 0 to number_of_cores minus 1. For example, if you are running Vorpal with 4 cores, to get the Vorpal license log files for the first (mpi rank 0) and last (mpi rank 3) mpi process, create both vorpalLicense0.log and vorpalLicense3.log files.

  4. Set the environment variable TECHX_LOG_DIR to the log directory.

    1. On Mac/Linux, this can be done as following:

      export TECHX_LOG_DIR=/path/to/log/directory/
    2. On Windows 10+, click the Windows icon, type “environment” and select “Edit the system environment variables” and follow the instructions on that dialog to set TECHX_LOG_DIR

  5. Open Composer and reproduce the issue. Logs will be generated as you work.