Visual Analytics Consulting

Custom Visualization and Analytics With VisIt

Tech-X provides support, plug-in development, and custom implementations for VisIt, the interactive parallel visualization and graphical analysis tool for viewing scientific data, developed by the Department of Energy.

Tech-X Can Help Create Your Visualizations

We can give you:

  • Startling images that illustrate physical principles
  • Animated videos illustrating dynamical effects and fly-throughs
  • Training in the use of the powerful, parallel VisIt


Tech-X engineers can organize your data for visualization:

  • Using the VizSchema Visualization Schema
  • Modifying your code or using scripts to write data in VizSchema format

Customize Your Own Application With a Graphical User Interface

composer toolkitWith Tech-X's Composer Toolkit you can introduce a GUI that will enable your staff to visualize scientific models and processes.

Contact Tech-X Sales to discuss your Visual Analytics needs.

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